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  • Jason Thomas (Wednesday, August 14 13 01:06 am EDT)

    I needed my outside-facing doors (5 total) fixed because they had some major gaps at the top and bottom that were letting bugs just crawl right under into the house. A couple of them would stick so bad they required a pretty good two-handed tug to get them open.

    William and his team did a great job. I recommend them highly.

    Here's why:

    1) My doors are fixed ! It’s great - they open easily, and they close, latch, and lock with no problem. (And my wife’s not upset anymore since there ain’t no more bugs sneaking in!)
    2) William and his team arrived at the time they said they would - both times, once to evaluate, next time to complete the job.
    3) They were all respectful and they all worked the entire time - didn't notice any slackers.
    4) Since I was gonna come behind them and do any touch-up painting, they were careful not to just break apart my hardy-plank trim boards around the door if it could be avoided when they took them off, although it would have made their job easier. They did the job with intelligent, follow-thru thinking on my behalf. If they would have just broke everything apart and replaced it with unnecessary new materials, I would have had more materials to buy and more to paint.
    5) They let me know that I had some options on fixing my doors - to me the sign of a company with skills/experience and one with integrity - not just looking to drain my wallet by suggesting I replace all my doors or something else crazy. They let me know which doors were really bad and that needed a complete adjustment (there were two of the five). They also offered that complete solution or a sufficient (i.e. cheaper) solution (minor adjustment/thicker seal) on 2 other doors that weren’t so bad and weren‘t used much. (Cool! -they think like me). I like that they look at the work as if it‘s their own home project and that all aspects should be considered - and they let me decide how to proceed. And one of the doors just took some additional securing with some better screws to fix it. They didn‘t take advantage - they just put the few screws in there without inflating it into some major costly production.

    To me, this company is run according to the values in God’s Word, they do quality work, they’re ‘good people‘, and they offer a realistic/personal approach to their projects. I will surely call them again on any of my future door/window projects. If I ever hear anyone else talk about needing their doors or windows replaced or fixed, I‘ll be recommending William and his team. That's why I'm writing this comment.

  • Gladys and Richard Dannelly (Saturday, February 22 14 03:16 pm EST)

    It was a pleasure to speak to you at Trading Places today. We feel after reading the comments from other customers that we will be happy with your company service. Look forwards to talking more with you this week.

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